One of the Brightest and Cleanest Laundromats in Provo!

Lots of Machines – A Clean Environment

Are you tired of waiting for your laundry at places with poorly maintained machines? Do you want a laundromat that can give a thorough and faster wash and dry? Look no further. Come to Bright & Clean of Provo, a self-serve coin laundry in Provo, UT with plenty of commercial washer and dryer types to choose from. We offer regular top-load washers, double-, triple-, six- and even eight-load washers! And, as we’ve turned up the water levels on every washer to HIGH, you’ll get a bright and clean wash – every time.

We Offer:

Commercial Washers & Dryers
Video Games to Play
Snack/Candy Machine
Soda & Hot Drink Machines

High Performance & Hassle-Free

At Bright & Clean of Provo, we’re proud to offer regularly cleaned and maintained equipment for superior cleaning and fast drying power. Our goal is to give you reliable laundry equipment that is easy to access, with doors that automatically unlock at 7am sharp so you don’t have to wait for staff to let you in.
Washers and dryers

Come Check Us Out!

As one of the newest laundromats in Provo, we have over 20 top-load washers and a number of multiple-load washers for your use. Come bring your laundry to Bright & Clean of Provo for the best self-serve laundromat experience in the area! Find us at 656 N. Freedom Blvd, or contact us today to learn more.